Best Way to Decorate A Narrow Studio Apartment

You recently moved to a new apartment. It’s time to paint, decorate and decorate. Nevertheless, a narrow apartment (apartment gallery) will bring several problems for decoration. Here are functional apartments that you can do.

First of all, you must analyze your new living space and consider its future purpose. Do you want to be a place for your friends, is it just a short transitional space, or do you want to turn it into a home office?

We have created a complete list of design ideas for this small studio apartment, because we want to inspire and encourage the owners of these places to use their imagination and creativity and find unconventional solutions. Our experience has led us to believe that a compact life is a global trend that will become even stronger in this function. More and more people prefer to live in large urban agglomerations and let small studios and micro apartments become their home. And in the future this trend will increase the number of people and reduce the living space, making homes less and less.

To create a fully functional and hospitable home in such a limited space, this is a serious problem requiring courageous thinking (sometimes literature). So, you can be here with us to see how professional designers and well-known architects are solving this difficult task. When you design your studio apartment, you can use their ideas and unconventional methods – find out how to successfully use every inch of space and ultimately form a small, modern and smart home.

Painting, color: Choose a palette to emphasize the space of your new apartment. The best choice is warm, light, soft tones or neutral colors, such as white or cream.

Furniture: Only after determining these details, you can choose the necessary furniture for your new space. First of all, there should be a sofa near the wall or near the wall, as well as a narrow rectangular coffee table. For the living room, an open, suspended shelf or shelf is recommended.

Mirrors and accessories: One clever trick that you can use is to include mirrors and / or artwork in your home decor. A large mirror can be placed behind a rectangular shape above the sofa, otherwise you can use some picture. The effect of these paintings will be to create small areas of interest that will disturb the monotony of the narrow living room. However, it is important not to confuse the decoration. Keep proportions and keep them as simple as possible.

Living plants: Place the large plant in the pot, and you can place it near the window.

Shine: Natural light and artificial light sources were very important factors, as I mentioned windows. So make sure that you have a well-lit room to create the impression of a larger space.

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